Where are you based? -
Currently based in pretty Fremantle,
Perth, Western Australia.

Do Lyndley Mill offer interstate services? -
Yes of course! We are always open to discussing photoshoots based outside of Perth.

- Do you have your own studio? -
We have our own beautiful studio residing within the Stackwood establishment in Fremantle, WA. All white and light-filled, it is the perfect space for professional grade photoshoots!  
The Stackwood community encompasses maker’s studios, an event space and a concept store.

- How would you describe your style? -
If you like cosy, dark and moody images that encompass muted tones, are prop-heavy and have a large focus on storytelling through style, then you have come to the right place! 
Our style is heavily influenced by the traditional Japanese aesthetics of 'wabi-sabi' which celebrates the beauty of imperfection. The LM style is a mixture of tarnished minimalism, vintage and a balance of both clutter and negative space. We love working with muted, neutral colour palettes and natural props and materials such as linen, wood, concrete, ceramic and tarnished metals. 
We always aim to create a look that tells a story in someway - encouraging the use of second hand props and disparate aesthetics to create more relatable
narrative-dense images.

- What equipment do you use? -
At the moment we only shoot Canon digital with the general kits including and an assortment of high quality Prime lenses. We also try to utilise our broad range of reflectors, tripods and various lighting accessories.  

Where can I find your prices? -
Please get in touch via the 'contact‘ page for a fully customised quote. 

When will we see our photos? -
Post production generally takes around two weeks. Once finished, we will either file share the images via Dropbox or send you a USB!

Can we meet you? -
Please do! Get in touch via the 'contact' page and we will get back to you with the next available dates/times. Coffee on us!

I have more questions what is the best way to contact you? -
If you drop us a line via our 'contact‘ page we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email us directly at  >